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Looking for some reliable, grease lubrication pump and centralized systems, then you have come to the right place. Lubsa Multilub Systems Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing world-class machinery and maintenance services for our customers. We are one of the leading company offering advanced equipments and accessories for many years. Our equipments and machines are highly admired by market since long time ago which are developed and produced by original high quality engineering power. With solutions for all types of manufacturing and industrial we also offer a range of factory equipments and accessories. We have a wide range of products including centralized systems, header machines, conveyer machines, metric pumps, hydraulic system, enabling machines, textile machines, blast machines, power press machines and much more...

Greases is typically applied in areas where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained, such as open bearings or gears. Operating temperatures, water resistance, oxidation stability etc are the factors to be considered while selecting particular grease for your equipment or accessories. Viscosity and consistency are the secondary factors must be kept in mind. It is advised, where bearings are to operate at very low speeds and good protection against contamination and corrosion is required, it is advisable to fill the housing completely with grease.
We generally offer two types of grease lubrication pumps i.e. a manually operated type of grease pump and Dual line system pumps. Manually operated pump has 2 outlets and a line which is dynamic and can be fixed as per the requirement. This pump can be used for feeding grease to bearings, bushes, chains, slides and other moving parts of a machine.
Whereas, dual line system pumps are used where, the lubrication point is at long distance. We offer high pressure pumps which are used in steel plants, cement plants, Turbine generator, furnaces, sugar plants, iron plant etc. In dual line lubrication pump the pumping elements push the grease at high pressure (up to 250 Kg/cm2) with the help of cam. We have many potential clients which makes bulk and repeated orders for these pumps and equipments for many purposes. Today, we are known as the foremost centralized systems, grease lubrication and heavy machines manufacturer, suppliers & exporter based in Faridabad, Haryana. We offer a wide range of grease lubrication machines that is widely used by our clients for different industries. Grease lubrication pumps manufactured by us are termed as the best available option in markets across the globe. We provide maximum quality and assurance for our customers.

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Rotary Pumps

LUBSA pumps are piston type pump and used for automatic lubrication with the help of hydraulic/pneumatic power.

Hydraulic Pneumatic

LUBSA pumps are piston type pump and used for automatic lubrication with the help of hydraulic/pneumatic power.

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Director : Mr. A.K Yadav

An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company

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